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WILL ANTI-#CORRUPTION Champion #MattHancockMP compensate Farmers and Pilots?

Here's a new Anti-Corruption champion and here's a great summary of Len's experiences of institutional corruption - representative of organophosphate poisoning not only of pilots but also farmers, as the Government imposed its use on sheep dipping:

Len was held captive in the United Kingdom by the Official Solicitor to the High Court for almost eighteen months and medicated to the extent that he was incapable of legal discussion and understanding. During which time most of his assets were disposed of, by Solicitors and Barristers, whilst generating revenue for themselves, all without Len’s knowledge and consent.

Finally, without the knowledge of the Official Solicitor, the British Airline Pilots Association directed Len to Professor Gordon Turnbull, FRCP FRCPsych (Psychiatric adviser to the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority) who reviewed the evidence, stopped all medication and Len was referred to Neurologists for brain damage assessment. Thereafter Len received specialist toxicology treatment for poisoning by Organophosphates with additional support from the Royal British Legion, SAFFA and the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust.

Len writes: Continue reading



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TELL IT IN LINKS: the loss of health, job, wife, children, home and savings – but not sanity!

British Airways Boeing 747-100 in basic BOAC l...

British Airways Boeing 747-100 in basic BOAC livery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All in the mind? Miraculous escapes and horrific incarceration

This is the story of British Aerospace pilot Leonard Lawrence, who was right to fear to admitting to his physical symptoms.

The saga that follows lost him his wife, children, home, liberty and personal assets. 

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WELCOME to the Court of Entrapment: platform for stealing your assets – supposedly lawfully

It’s called the Court of ‘Protection’. But just as ‘public’ schools are in fact private, and children are given to abusive fathers ‘in their best interest’, so is the Court of Protection one that protects nobody’s interest except those who abuse their position and power of public office for their own private gains: sex, money or both.

Len has boiled it down to the solicitor in the Treasury Solicitors Office Helen Clift.

  • But who will be removing her from office or taking her to court?

A woman in Plymouth who commented on Victims Unite under Misconduct of Solicitors knows the solicitors who defrauded her of her rightful heritage.

  • How can she be expected to sue solicitors?
  • Which judge will sentence them?
  • Who is ‘protecting’ whom from whom?

What can ‘the public’ do when it needs protection from its authorities and ‘public servants’?

Families Against Court of Protection Theft can tell you many more horrendous stories.


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OPEN LETTER: poisoned pilot Len Lawrence to Barrister Caroline Willbourne

Bar Standards Board logo

Bar Standards Board logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


To:  Barrister Caroline Willbourne 1 Garden Court Chambers
From: Leonard Lawrence The Forge, Manton, Devon

cc Sir James Munby President of the Family Division and Court of Protection

cc Sir John Thomas Lord Chief Justice


Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary,  Stephen Otter, QPM whilst the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police and Detective Chief Superintendent Ross Middleton and one other Chief Superintendent have been most helpful to me, not surprising when it was established that Court of Protection Medical Certificates had not been disclosed to Detective Inspector Sam De Reya and Detective Constable Armitage by the Law Society. Thereafter two detectives from Thames Valley Police visited me in Devon, they had concerns  as to the standard of legal representation I was being afforded by the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) former lawyers  Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors.

Point One.

Caroline Willbourne you hold or have held the following appointments:

Deputy District Judge, Principal Registry of the Family Division 1990 to date
General Commissioner of Taxes 1998 until disbanded in 2008

Miss Willbourne were you ever the Bar Association Family Law External Delegate to the Official Solicitor?

Let me answer this for you YES Continue reading


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AGAIN: Please return the £15,000 you took for denying medical organophosphate treatment

Sarah Benfield, Partner Ratcliffe Gammer & Gammer Solicitors.
49/51 London Street, Reading, Berkshire RG1 4PS
t: 0118 957 4291


I again ask for the return of the £15,000 you took from me when you gained my signature on legal aid
forms knowing that I lacked mental capacity due to a false diagnosis of mental illness, when  records show I had a brain injury.

Sunday-Express-Poisoned-Air-CrewI wish to use the monies to repay the British Airline Pilots Association, The Royal British Legion, The Soldiers Sailors and Airmen Association (SAFFA), and The Royal Navy Benevolence Fund, all of whom
assisted me to receive the medical treatment for organophosphate poisoning you, Helen Clift, and barrister Nicholas Allen, 29 Bedford Row Chambers had denied me.

Could you explain to the many others this email is bcc into, including Sir James Munby President of the Family Division why you  had considered Mr Ronald Edmond, Dr Murray, Dr McGhee and Mr Alistair Wilson OBE FRCS clinical director at the Royal London Hospital as unsuitable to act as my guardian?

Alastair Pitblado Official Solicitor. 24 June 2009   Ref LFN41919/OS  

The external solicitors (Ratcliff Duce & Gammer) are proving the legal advice in, and legal conduct of, the case.

The Law Society, Solicitors Regulatory Authority, FINAL REPORT CRO/97504-2008. 

“Issues raised by Mr Lawrence are significant and should be  investigated and responded to on the basis that they indicate areas in which the legal system appears to have failed to sufficiently protect an extremely vulnerable adult”. Continue reading

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CHEMICAL POISONING and other cover-ups in the UK: Official Solicitor, Court of Protection, DWP

13 11 13 SalemDear Tim @ Salem News,

JJ, Kevin Bull, The Earth Needs Rebels Show, David Bennett ex Royal Navy, Richard Bruce, Sabine, UK Column and others are really pushing hard at chemical poisoning and the way that it is covered up in the United Kingdom as in mine and many others cases.  Also, the way in which vulnerable people are treated including those with PTSD.

Richard Bruce has a wealth of data on organophosphates but  is not well, having been poisoned himself.

Several UK government departments have attempted to make life very difficult for me. The last attempt was to instruct a police unit in London to investigate me.  A detective from this unit spoke to me on the phone to advise what was occurring. He advised me that he and his unit had no intention of investigating me. The detective felt I needed to know what was occurring and identified the person and department responsible, the Official Solicitor Alistair Pitbaldo and Deputy Official Solicitor May Maughan would be able to expand on the above. Continue reading


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Hello and Welcome!

PilotThis latest blog of a victim of white collar crimes covers:

  1. the Court of Protection
  2. six judges who acted without being on the list of approved judges
  3. professional negligence by lawyers

and the ‘remedies’ sought:

  1. a DNA test for pilots to check the genetic predisposition for sensitive to organophospates
  2. the serialisation of Mental Capacity Certificates so that their paper trail can be checked across different governmental departments.

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