7 August 2013: Your Judges are not on the List of Approved Judges

Dear All, incl. Free Think Radio and all Victims of the Court of Protection,


Richard Anelay QC Deputy High Court Family Judge has established that I was a patient subject to the Court of Protection.

Senior District Judge Waller, now HHJ Philip Waller, is a nominated Court of Protection Judge and within 48 hours of my case being drawn to his attention, he notified me that my files in the first instance be sent to the Court of Protection and an appeal be filed at the Court of Protection.

All of the Judges below who abused me do not appear on the list of nominated Court of Protection judges supplied to me by the Court of Protection following the intervention of the Judicial Office and Sir James Munby’s private office!  All the Judges below have known of my protected status, and what occurred to me but have never informed the Court of Protection.

District Judge Susanna Jones
District Judge John Fortgang
District Judge Peter Devlin
His Honour Judges Simon Oliver
Master Yoxall (Queens Bench) Also attempted to place upon me the Official Solicitors legal costs!
Mr Justice Adrian Fulfurd (Queens Bench)

His ‘order’ does not allowed to bring to the attention of any Family Division Judge what occured to me.

1. That the Deputy Official Solicitor May Maughan identified to Master Yoxall, Queens Bench Division, in January 2013 that Helen Clift a solicitor within the official solicitors office failed to comply with the instruction she was given by the former Official Solicitor Laurence Oades and others to seek the relevant orders from the Court of Protection. (The press were not allowed into this secret hearing)

2. That the Senior Master  Steven Whitaker, Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court, who holds, or had held, three  Court of Protection Medical Certificates CP3 can provide no record of disclosing these CP3’s to the Court of Protection.

Leonard Lawrence

Here’s the list of 95 approved judges.

And here’s the Judgement that declares Orders made by such judges VOID.


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