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@HomeOfficeUK @MoJ The judges that asset stripped me were not authorized Court of Protection judges

16 04 18 MoJ Yoxall

Chief Constable Thames Valley Police

So the judges that asset stripped me were not authorized Court of Protection judges!

They also failed to disclose to the Court of Protection Medical Certificates that they held.

Many of the offences that occurred against me occurred in the Thames Valley Police Area.

Supt Gill Wootton  (Knew that my stolen financial records were with BP Collins Solicitors)

Det. Insp. Mark Stevens (Likewise, Det Insp Mark Stevens also knew of the confidential medical report)

Det. Insp. Gavin Tyrrell (Likewise, Det Insp Gavin Tyrrell he also knew of the confidential medical report)

On the 9 May 2016 another police force telephoned me asking what my next move was going to be? Continue reading


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UPDATE 29 OCT. ’15: “NOT TO BE DISCLOSED TO ANY JUDGE” – Must Listen!! LEONARD LAWRENCE, MELANIE SHAW,”BEECHWOOD HOME SURVIVOR” radio interview 17 + 10 Oct. ’15 with MIKE CLARKE, DIANNE – UPDATE 17 FEB. 2014 – “incompetence by the medical profession”, and more

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SOME DARE CALL IT ANARCHY: when unauthorised judges use the Court of ‘Protection’ to cover up crimes, steal and lie

To: Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division and Court of Protection and Mrs Justice Pauffley, High Court Family Division. 

British Aerospace pilot Leonard Lawrence SL03D00938 COURT OF PROTECTION

In 2013 Master Basil Yoxall, Queens Bench Division, refused to disclose Leonard Lawrence medical files, that included five Court of Protection Medical Certificates and a medical report by Professor MB Abou-Donia, an expert on organophosphate poisoning, on British Aerospace pilot Leonard Lawrence Pilot to the Family Division and Court of Protection.

Mr Justice Adrian Fulford Queens Bench Division (now Lord Justice Adrian Fulford) Royal Courts of Justice thereafter ORDER that Leonard Lawrence could not disclose to any judge what had occurred to him.

The disclosure authorised by Sir James Munby’s private office in 2013 identified that neither Master Basil Yoxall or Mr Justice Adrian Fulford, Queens Bench Division, were authorised Court of Protection judges.

In July 2014 the Queens Bench Division, Royal Courts of Justice, London destroyed all of Leonard Lawrence files, including all medical files.

Sir James Munby and Mrs Justice Pauffley, High Court Family Division, attached is one of the many documents Master Basil Yoxall Queens Bench Division and Mr Justice Adrian Fulford Queens Bench Division would not allow you to have sight of. I am most grateful to whoever within the Royal Courts of Justice sent me this and many other documents prior to their destruction in 2014.

Yours sincerely
Leonard Lawrence

P.S. The Chief Executive 1 Garden Court Chambers Cdr Joe Turner RN Rtd and the Chief Clerk 1 Garden Court Chambers Howard Rayner also refused to disclose the attachment to me.

Why when for over one year I was unable to communicate with the Official Solicitor and any barrister or solicitor instructed by him,  due to a misdiagnosed brain injury, did Family Division judges at Reading and Slough County not allow me access to the Court of Protection and place adverse costs and inferences upon me totalling Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds at the request of barrister Dominic Brazil 1 Kings Bench Walk Chambers and BP Collins Solicitors, Gerrards Cross, Bucks?

His Honour Judge Simon, Reading County Court, is entirely satisfied by the above conduct!


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