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#Whistleblowers and #Survivors of Persecutions Unite: point the Finger @MetPoliceUK

16 08 20 Ted HeathDear Authority Representatives

I would like to commend Len Lawrence for his remarkable journey to recover from ill health and persecutions suffered. I had the good fortune to interview him for a book chapter on Person-Environment interaction that will be very critical of Psychology and Psychiatry.

For more than 4 years I have been investigating (in an entirely private capacity) a chilling ‘Child Smuggling’ operation that exploited the systemic weaknesses of the UK Child Protection and Family Court system and has seemingly been carried out on behalf of what I call an Organised Ritualised Crime Abuse Network (ORCAN). A bunch of Psychiatrists and Psychologist acting as Court Appointed Experts covered up a brazen, blatant and brutal toddler rape seemingly perpetrated to ‘frame’ the mother of the child and gain control of her off-spring.

A Judicial Review submission was thwarted through unlawful action of Royal Court of Justice (RCJ) staff, falsely claiming that the document would have to be submitted at the court of the original Family Court ‘Forced Adoption’ ruling. Out of the voluminous submission I created an Extreme Abuse Dossier that draws on public domain materials to outline the background of the case (which is suspected to be a chilling crime series related to ‘Human Sacrifice Murders’ in South-West London):

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Hello and Welcome!

PilotThis latest blog of a victim of white collar crimes covers:

  1. the Court of Protection
  2. six judges who acted without being on the list of approved judges
  3. professional negligence by lawyers

and the ‘remedies’ sought:

  1. a DNA test for pilots to check the genetic predisposition for sensitive to organophospates
  2. the serialisation of Mental Capacity Certificates so that their paper trail can be checked across different governmental departments.

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