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Poison in the Air of Planes: if Aerotoxicity kills Pilots what’s the danger for Passengers? #lenlawrence @UKHomeOffice

Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines (2007) Educational Version from Fact Not Fiction Films on Vimeo.

Len Lawrence is in this video. Beside neurological injury, Len was also subjected to asset stripping due to corrupt activity from inside the Official Solicitor’s office. He was thrown into the streets, penniless and homeless while supposedly under the care of the Official Solicitor.

Britain is covering up this scandal. Just hope you are not the next victim of this aerotoxicity. It happens to passengers, too.

From: “Aerotoxic Film” <>
Subject: Aerotoxic Update April 2017

Here’s what’s been happening! 

The Aerotoxic film crew recently returned from filming overseas thanks to the generous support of the Swiss pilot union AEROPERS. Since our last update, the film and the issue has received lots of media exposure. Our producer, Tristan Loraine gave an interview for both the BBC News and the Sunday Times.

To help passengers and crews become more aware of the contaminated air on aircraft issue, we are offering free access to watch our very first film on the issue, ‘Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines’. The film, released in 2007, triggered two calls for a public enquiry in the UK and can be watched online for free by simply clicking here.

The majority of funding for this project has come from air crews and unions but the film still has some way to go with UK filming, post production, visual effects, legal clearances and music etc.

If you would like to support the project, please feel free to donate via PayPal here. We are always very grateful for your contributions.
(If you are a US resident and wishing to donate, under 501(c)(3) as a tax deductible donation, please click here.)

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Aerotoxic Documentary – Newsletter April 2017
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When Criminals rule our lives: with #FalseFlags and #FakeNews to #FakeCases #LenLawrence

Image may contain: 1 personLen’s case is typical. It is ‘fake’ for he should not have to fight for his rights by naming and shaming those who abuse power and position in public office and authorities.

However, his case is terribly real in terms of cruelty, injustice and torture.

And it is typical for the collusion between

  • officials using the secrecy of the Court of Protection [part of the Family Division] to cover-up crimes;
  • corrupt court officers and lawyers;
  • corrupt Police officers.

Here he addresses one of them:

Detective Superintendent Gillian Wootton, Force Intelligence and Specialist Operations Department, Thames Valley Police

Dear Gillian,

A Serious and Organised Crime Unit had enquired by phone what my next move was going to be.

The photo was taken when he told a Mental Health Conference his victim’s experience in March 2017 in Norfolk.

The tie is the Royal Navy tie. The badge is the new Veterans For Peace UK Badge that was given to me in Exeter a few weeks ago by the Founder of Veterans For Peace UK, of which you may already know I, like Norman Scarth, are members.    


When I entered Government Service in 1973, like many other servicemen and women, I did not agree to the covering up of abuse of children, the vulnerable, the elderly, the disabled and their carers. Two  police officers took it upon themselves to bully me last year. Unknown  to me they found themselves  being referred by a Deputy Assistant Commissioner to a higher authority.

Enquiries were made and the  activator of the bullying  was  identified as solicitor Graeme Fraser, Hunter Solicitors, Lincoln Inn, London, previously of BP Collins Solicitors, Gerrards Cross. .Email Graeme Fraser: Continue reading

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Patient’s Experience in 35 slides at the Mental Health Conference #LenLawrence @MoJ @UKHomeOffice

17 03 31 Len LawrenceThe Edith Ellen Foundation organised the 2017 conference on the Mental Capacity Act where Len was presenting 35 slides.

The gist of his experience over many years is:

  1. the origin of poisoning by the fumes of aeroplanes is a problem that has hit MANY pilots and does NOT seem to have been addressed properly yet by the ‘regulators’;
  2. the effect of Len’s health, wealth and lifestyle can’t be underestimated;
  3. his discoveries result in:
    • a major critique of the Court of Protection as the most sinister part of the secret Family Court system;
    • the identification of particular judges, barristers and other staff of the judiciary committing ‘misconduct in public office’ – a serious offence which is currently under scrutiny by the Law Commission;
    • an appeal to MIND THE GAP: between paper realities, people realities in court rooms and money realities in bank accounts – besides the Land Registry that should register the RIGHTFUL owner of a property.

Edith Ellen Foundation PRESENTATION

Victims Unite – is that the only answer?



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