When Criminals rule our lives: with #FalseFlags and #FakeNews to #FakeCases #LenLawrence

Image may contain: 1 personLen’s case is typical. It is ‘fake’ for he should not have to fight for his rights by naming and shaming those who abuse power and position in public office and authorities.

However, his case is terribly real in terms of cruelty, injustice and torture.

And it is typical for the collusion between

  • officials using the secrecy of the Court of Protection [part of the Family Division] to cover-up crimes;
  • corrupt court officers and lawyers;
  • corrupt Police officers.

Here he addresses one of them:

Detective Superintendent Gillian Wootton, Force Intelligence and Specialist Operations Department, Thames Valley Police

Dear Gillian,

A Serious and Organised Crime Unit had enquired by phone what my next move was going to be.

The photo was taken when he told a Mental Health Conference his victim’s experience in March 2017 in Norfolk.

The tie is the Royal Navy tie. The badge is the new Veterans For Peace UK Badge that was given to me in Exeter a few weeks ago by the Founder of Veterans For Peace UK, of which you may already know I, like Norman Scarth, are members.    


When I entered Government Service in 1973, like many other servicemen and women, I did not agree to the covering up of abuse of children, the vulnerable, the elderly, the disabled and their carers. Two  police officers took it upon themselves to bully me last year. Unknown  to me they found themselves  being referred by a Deputy Assistant Commissioner to a higher authority.

Enquiries were made and the  activator of the bullying  was  identified as solicitor Graeme Fraser, Hunter Solicitors, Lincoln Inn, London, previously of BP Collins Solicitors, Gerrards Cross. .Email Graeme Fraser:  gsf@hunters-solicitors.co.uk


About three years ago, the American Government warned the British Government that the most significant risk to the United Kingdom came from former servicemen and women (they forgot to include some former police officers) unhappy with how the public are being treated.  


did you know that 13% of Category A prisoners and 13 % of Category B Training prisoners are ex-servicemen according to HM Inspector of Prisons.


Thames Valley Police allowed me to become a homeless serviceman, with acquired brain injury,  whilst a patient subject to the Court of Protection.


SB officers, senior to you by some considerable margin, instructed me to rattle solicitor Graeme Fraser.  The outcome has identified that two of your detective inspectors, Det Insp Gavin Tyrrell 2959 and Det Insp Nicholas Watts  4564 knew that solicitor Graeme Fraser did not disclose the Court of Protection Medical Certificates to Slough and Reading County Court in 2004/5. Evidence of this was supplied to Det Insp Tyrrell, Thames Valley Police by Neil Blackhurst, Devon and Cornwall Police, in 2013.


What was puzzling is why Detective Chief Superintendent  Tim De Meyer and  Detective Chief Superintendent Gilbert Houalla, failed to act against Det Insp Tyrrell  and Det Insp Watts?  Could it be that all knew that Detective Superintendent Gillian Wootton failed to disclose in 2004 that my stolen financial records were with my ex-wife Nicola Lawrence and BP Collins Solicitors, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire? 

As  direct consequence of your failure to record a crime, Gillian, I had a £50,000 adverse cost order placed upon me at Slough County Court. 


City of London Police identified offences of FRAUD and PERJURY against me that were covered up by Thames Valley Police. 


had you recovered my stolen financial records from my ex-wife and her solicitors you would have left them open to charges of PERJURY given that my ex-wife swore a affidavit that I did not work at all.   


One of the falsified documents was in my ex-wife handwriting, an inflated invoice to Allan.

Allan’s long experience  includes UK Customs and Excise Investigations and New Scotland Yard, where he specialized in narcotics and organised crime.                            


Perhaps you should return to traffic and the issuing of parking tickets?

Friends and colleagues will recover  from solicitor Susan Andrews, BP Collins Solicitors, the Court of Protection Medical Certificates and other medical reports that had been issued to protect me in 2004/5/6 but not disclosed to the court by solicitors and barristers.

Yours sincerely

Leonard Lawrence

Edith Ellen Foundation, 30 March 2017, 

Mental Capacity Conference

Abuse of the Mental Health System in the United Kingdom

250 delegates

Present: Judges, Police,  Solicitors, Doctors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Victims of Abuse and their families. 

Servicemen from the RAF, Army, Royal Navy and others!

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