High Court Writ against the Official Solicitor – when Good wins over Evil after all @UKHomeOffice

16-09-22-len-lawrenceWhen committed, determined and persevering victims of white collar crimes turn to starfighters, watch out:

  • Len holds here a High Court Write against Alistair Pitblado, the Official Solicitor in the Senior Court.
  • His actions against HHJ Simon Oliver are on Judges Behaving Badly.

As McKenzie Friends, we won a case against the Treasury Solicitor’s Office.

And Sandra Vlad who publishes Divorce and The City got Lord Dyson to resign from his office as Master of the Rolls, as he was abusing his Lord and his wife’s Lady title.

There are clearly far too many victims in a culture that institutionalises intimidation and compliance.

BUT Len shows us that is possible NOT to cow and bow, especially not to criminals in robes!


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