#Whistleblowers and #Survivors of Persecutions Unite: point the Finger @MetPoliceUK

16 08 20 Ted HeathDear Authority Representatives

I would like to commend Len Lawrence for his remarkable journey to recover from ill health and persecutions suffered. I had the good fortune to interview him for a book chapter on Person-Environment interaction that will be very critical of Psychology and Psychiatry.

For more than 4 years I have been investigating (in an entirely private capacity) a chilling ‘Child Smuggling’ operation that exploited the systemic weaknesses of the UK Child Protection and Family Court system and has seemingly been carried out on behalf of what I call an Organised Ritualised Crime Abuse Network (ORCAN). A bunch of Psychiatrists and Psychologist acting as Court Appointed Experts covered up a brazen, blatant and brutal toddler rape seemingly perpetrated to ‘frame’ the mother of the child and gain control of her off-spring.

A Judicial Review submission was thwarted through unlawful action of Royal Court of Justice (RCJ) staff, falsely claiming that the document would have to be submitted at the court of the original Family Court ‘Forced Adoption’ ruling. Out of the voluminous submission I created an Extreme Abuse Dossier that draws on public domain materials to outline the background of the case (which is suspected to be a chilling crime series related to ‘Human Sacrifice Murders’ in South-West London):

Three individuals seemingly got ‘bumped off’ so that the abuse group could ‘trump up’ false allegations against the mother with the help of inadequate Psychiatrists and Psychologists – one of whom seems to be an associate of the perpetrator who during a ‘sectioning’ attempt claimed that he was making a ‘delusional’ false diagnosis on the request of a Senior Civil Servant.

The Child Protection and Family Court process failed to even establish that three individuals in the vicinity of the mother died in the 12 months before the assault on the toddler. In December 2013 I found a number of artefacts suggesting that the godmother of the child was the victim of an arson murder:

Local, regional and nation-level Authority Representatives continue to refuse proper investigation of the matter in spite of artefacts that probably feature DNA and finger prints being readily available.

I made some 15 presentations based on this chilling case at conferences across Europe. I attach the 5 posters I presented March 2016 at the European Psychiatry Association congress in Madrid for your reference. Between them they identify what individuals appear to engage in ORCAN activity.

Below you can find on slide 54 an account of how the mother was ‘set up’ to lose her toddler by a Met officer (at Kingston Police) who spun a ‘catching Mr Big’ story that ‘programmed’ the mother to delay reporting of any assault on her child for several weeks. Unfortunately police chiefs e.g. at CEOP appear to condone such clandestine practices (which I consider ‘False Flag’ operations):

In April 2016 I gave a presentation to 100+ individuals at the ‘Children screaming to be heard’ conference that Len Lawrence also attended. My slides outline the chilling crime series and how Authority Representatives ignore all requests to get matters properly investigated:

In December 2015 I managed to get a Letter into The Psychologist raising awareness about ORCAN operations which electronically is available just under the October 2015 article by Prof Chris French at Goldsmith that prompted it:

Apparently the survivor scene was ‘buzzing with pleasure’ that someone publicly raised this issue which is routinely brushed under the carpet by Authority Representatives.

However since then the editor of The Psychologist deleted a written commentary I posted in June 2016 and rejected a shortened version. In the light of this ‘censorship’ I published my six page submission which critiques three BPS documents on my blog:

The barbaric injustices inflicted in the UK Courts are unbearable and do not befit a democracy.

How many protective parents are accused of ‘coaching’ their child into making sexual abuse allegations? What proportion of these are ‘false negatives’ where inadequate ‘experts’, social workers and judges persecute protective parents, white-wash alleged offenders and ‘silence’ children making disclosures?

How come that in the Hampstead case timely and credible disclosures of children are dismissed outright by some of the most senior judges in the UK Family Court system as ostensibly being the result of ‘coaching’ but untimely and contradictory disclosures of children controlled by foster carers (who stand to gain about £1 Million for ‘providing care’) are ‘believed’ e.g. in the case against Marie Black (who I twice visited in Ashford prison)? Authority Representatives seem to routinely side with whatever produces lucrative ‘Long-term Foster Care’ or ‘Forced Adoption’ fees acting distinctly against the ‘best interest of the child’.

It is high time for a sustained ‘crack down’ that dismantles the Organised Ritualised Crime Abuse Networks that operate largely with impunity bringing misery to society world-wide.

Good luck!

Dr Rainer Hermann Kurz
Chartered Psychologist
Science & Practice Convener of the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology
Member of the BPS Committee on Test Standards



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