WILL ANTI-#CORRUPTION Champion #MattHancockMP compensate Farmers and Pilots?

Here's a new Anti-Corruption champion and here's a great summary of Len's experiences of institutional corruption - representative of organophosphate poisoning not only of pilots but also farmers, as the Government imposed its use on sheep dipping:

Len was held captive in the United Kingdom by the Official Solicitor to the High Court for almost eighteen months and medicated to the extent that he was incapable of legal discussion and understanding. During which time most of his assets were disposed of, by Solicitors and Barristers, whilst generating revenue for themselves, all without Len’s knowledge and consent.

Finally, without the knowledge of the Official Solicitor, the British Airline Pilots Association directed Len to Professor Gordon Turnbull, FRCP FRCPsych (Psychiatric adviser to the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority) who reviewed the evidence, stopped all medication and Len was referred to Neurologists for brain damage assessment. Thereafter Len received specialist toxicology treatment for poisoning by Organophosphates with additional support from the Royal British Legion, SAFFA and the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust.

Len writes:

  1. To the international lawyer, a former British policeman, who phoned me this evening to offer his assistance thank you.
  1. To the Detective Chief Superintendent and Chief Superintendent that recovered the Court of Protection Medical Certificates CP3’s from the Law Society.  Thank you:
  1. To whoever sent me copies of my Case Files held at the Royal Courts of Justice, that Master Basil Yoxall, Queens Bench Division, and Mr Justice Adrian Fulford would not allow me to disclose to the Court of Protection.
  1. To Mrs Justice Pauffley, for not deleting my emails, and observing my Data Access Request against Simpson Millar LLP that has resulted in an additional ten box of my case files being disclose to me on the 13 October 2014.
  1. At 14:00 having been refused permission to Appeal by His Honour Judge Simon Oliver, Reading County Court, the Family Division emailed  The Court of Appeal can confirm that an appeal does lie to the Court of Appeal. 
  1. The Queens Bench Division have now identified that my files have not been destroyed. As of 16:30 hrs I was advised that the process  of disclosure to me is underway.
  1. To Anthony Omo, Legal Direction,  General Medical Council, who recently authorised a disclosure in 2014.
  • The disclosure identified  that a Medical Certificate under Part V11 Mental Health 1983 had been sent to BP Collins Solicitors Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, then forwarded  to barrister Dominic Brazil 1 Kings Bench Walk Chambers.
  • Whilst barrister Dominic Brazil had informed Richard Anelay QC Deputy High Court Family Judge that I Leonard Lawrence had been a patient subject to the Court of Protection, Dominic Brazil alleged he could not recall seeing a certificate of mental incapacity.
  • Court records show that BP Collins Solicitor wrote to Slough County Court denying ever having held a certificate of mental incapacity. They offered their assistance in gaining legal aid to avoid an application to the Court of Protection.
  1. Thank you to everyone who has helped me with the internet, Radio and TV some of whom have paid a very high price!!!

Carolyn Bowstead
Clerk of the Rules
Family Division

Do you still find it amusing what occurred to me?! 
Yes I have a brain injury, but I now know what caused it.

Yes I fall over, at times unable to walk, difficulty breathing, memory difficulties  
Assaulted then evicted on to the streets whilst a protected party under the Family Division.

In  about four weeks time a book will be released containing reference to myself.
In about four months  a documentary will be released.
They will be released outside UK jurisdiction and hosted on foreign servers.
I have seen too many others suffer at the hands of people like you, one elderly disabled lady comes to mind, and one other in Bristol.

A friend of mine writes: 

Served in the Parachute Regiment and SAS for xx years on operations in Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

I played my part in a unit that destroyed homes, killed and tortured civilians, traumatised children and stoked a fire that is still burning in Iraq.

Brings back memories

Whilst a protected party within the Family Division my home was destroyed, I was assaulted and tortured, my children traumatised!
Leonard Lawrence 





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5 responses to “WILL ANTI-#CORRUPTION Champion #MattHancockMP compensate Farmers and Pilots?

  1. Tad Davison

    And Theresa May assures us that her inquiry into child abuse will get to the bottom of the matter. What she either doesn’t realise, or is reluctant to admit, is that the system she presides over has been corrupted, manipulated, and perverted over a number of years, and is now rotten to its very core. It would be a truly massive undertaking to correct it and produce something in which the people can have faith and trust. The claim that the UK has the best legal system in the world is clearly a myth when so many miscarriages are prevalent.

    To rid us of the vice and corruption, we need draconian and sweeping investigative and disciplinary powers in the hands of people who are beyond reproach, who will act in the best interests of the people, and not in the interests of an elite that have wormed their way into so many of society’s most influential position via the old boy network, or by greasing the cogs of nepotism. People untainted by allegiances to others, or who might have sworn oaths to secret societies. Good, clean people who regardless of background, will not be swayed or tainted by the prospect of advancement or financial gain. People to whom the truth is paramount and would never be compromised. Alas, my fear is they are not to be found in the agencies of the state, and that is an appallingly sad thing to have to acknowledge.

    Tad Davison

    Cambridge UK

    • I’m very much with you and your thinking, Tad. But everybody makes their own decision. Whether it’s suicide, early retirement or disappearance to Barbados, South America or other places beyond UK jurisdiction.

      I somehow suspect that the real purpose behind this transformation of society is the connecting among ‘we the people’ so that we can learn to discern who is good / right and who is not. For the real question is over and over again: which side are you on?

  2. Jef

    Sabine, who is the gentleman who made this video:

    https://vid.me/Mxmk …is it Len Lawrence? …or someone else? I want to be able to contact him re something he says in the video and I had an idea …which likely may not be of any use, but if it was, it would be VERY useful.

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