ORGANOPHOSPHATE Poisoning in the Private rather than the Public Eye

This brief video is about victims of paedophilia, but John Hemming MP’s points are:

  • how do we stop cover-ups???
  • Hillsborough
  • current cases such as Michael Doherty [whose daughter was being groomed on the internet and who was being persecuted instead of the Police investigating]
  • it is far too easy for powerful people to get away with wrongdoings and nothing is being done about it
  • we need to challenge failures to prosecute.

The ill effects and their governmental cover-ups of organophosphate poisoning are just about as bad as everything relating to radioactivity – one of our key victim cases with which we started our attempts on behalf of victims of white collar crimes.

What on earth makes scientists, politicians and others in power positions collude AGAINST the individuals effected and commit cover-ups, invent get-out clauses and avoid responsibility and accountability at all cost??

Is it part of the job to put a ‘professional conscience’ on hold and park it?

Why can or must it take DECADES to get anywhere near justice and, in the case of sexual abuse, only one in 20 cases?

I guess I am outraged because I speak of personal experience. Even in the formidable European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) the well-paid doctor and lawyer preferred to ensure that the insurance company did not pay a disability pension than to act in the interest of the victim, i.e. myself.

In the case of all the pilots and crew who have been suffering from organophosphate poisoning like George Wescott and all the farmers who were forced to use it for sheep dipping, Private Eye has at least produced this story on Pilot study and aircraft fumes – for the first time since 14 years – and we can only hope that, thanks to the net, it will make more of a difference to victims who are still alive and grieving families for those for whom it’s too late…


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