WELCOME to the Court of Entrapment: platform for stealing your assets – supposedly lawfully

It’s called the Court of ‘Protection’. But just as ‘public’ schools are in fact private, and children are given to abusive fathers ‘in their best interest’, so is the Court of Protection one that protects nobody’s interest except those who abuse their position and power of public office for their own private gains: sex, money or both.

Len has boiled it down to the solicitor in the Treasury Solicitors Office Helen Clift.

  • But who will be removing her from office or taking her to court?

A woman in Plymouth who commented on Victims Unite under Misconduct of Solicitors knows the solicitors who defrauded her of her rightful heritage.

  • How can she be expected to sue solicitors?
  • Which judge will sentence them?
  • Who is ‘protecting’ whom from whom?

What can ‘the public’ do when it needs protection from its authorities and ‘public servants’?

Families Against Court of Protection Theft can tell you many more horrendous stories.



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3 responses to “WELCOME to the Court of Entrapment: platform for stealing your assets – supposedly lawfully

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  2. Marie

    I am having the same problem with two firms of solicitors and HSBC probate department. It’s a quagmire of corruption.

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