CHEMICAL POISONING and other cover-ups in the UK: Official Solicitor, Court of Protection, DWP

13 11 13 SalemDear Tim @ Salem News,

JJ, Kevin Bull, The Earth Needs Rebels Show, David Bennett ex Royal Navy, Richard Bruce, Sabine, UK Column and others are really pushing hard at chemical poisoning and the way that it is covered up in the United Kingdom as in mine and many others cases.  Also, the way in which vulnerable people are treated including those with PTSD.

Richard Bruce has a wealth of data on organophosphates but  is not well, having been poisoned himself.

Several UK government departments have attempted to make life very difficult for me. The last attempt was to instruct a police unit in London to investigate me.  A detective from this unit spoke to me on the phone to advise what was occurring. He advised me that he and his unit had no intention of investigating me. The detective felt I needed to know what was occurring and identified the person and department responsible, the Official Solicitor Alistair Pitbaldo and Deputy Official Solicitor May Maughan would be able to expand on the above.

The detective asked whether I was going to raise the issue of organophosphates used in the  Gulf War, I said yes, I was. He replied ‘good’ as he and some of his colleagues that had served in the first Gulf War have seen  their former  friends die, be imprisoned and made homeless. [note by publisher: or become targeted individuals…]

I raised the issue on UK Column Live and on the Earth Needs Rebels
Show including why members of our armed forces and others are not being given access to fMRI scanners.

In March 2013 the United Kingdom Civil Court of Appeal invited me to file an appeal and advised me to obtain
a form from the Department of Work and Pensions so that I did not have to pay court fees, look what then occurred:

The Department of Work and Pensions in the UK accused me of fraud, fined me £9,000 and stopped part of my disability benefit to repay the £9,000. 

Recently I received a phone  from the Department of Work and Pensions  stating that they had found evidence that I had disclosed my pension and I was to appeal. A  Department of Work and Pensions member of staff advised me that it was not them that had caused me this difficulty.

The Inland Revenue also attacked me, then suddenly decided that I only owed them £75 and offered me three years to repay!

The house I used to live in at North Bovey caught fire at night, the fire started above my bed, the house was allowed to burn to the ground even when eight fire engines were present. The cause of the fire was put down to a chimney fire. When the chimney lining was removed and inspected there had never been a fire in the chimney lining and no
holes were found in it. I am advised that the Chief Fire Officer was insisting that a chimney sweep sign a statement that the fire had been a chimney fire, the chimney sweep refused. (Google:  House fire  North Bovey)

Of 350 people only I was stopped at Bournemouth Airport by six Custom Officers on suspicion of carrying a firearm (after I got off a flight).  I was taken away, my papers searched, my papers copied and some taken. 

What I believe they were looking for was a secret settlement between British Aerospace and others. When I disclosed this to Private Eye there were several more attempts to have me sectioned. They  may also have been looking for papers given to me identifying how United Kingdom soldiers were tested with certain chemicals including sarin and LSD and how this was covered up.

I no longer have these papers.  Others have them them for safe keeping. These special ex-service personnel were also poisoned in the first Gulf War when, I understand, they blew up a chemical plant.

In January 2013 May Maughan Deputy Official Solicitor informed Master Basil Yoxall Queens Bench Division that Helen Clift and Stephen Piper, who work within the Office of the Official Solicitor, had made all decisions on myself, including medical and financial.  Also that Helen Clift and Stephen Piper made the decision not to disclose my protected
status under Part V11 Mental Health Act 1983 to the Court of Protection against the instructions of Laurence Oades
then the Official Solicitor. Master Basil Yoxall refused to pass this information to the High Court Family Division.

In March 2013 Mr Justice Adrian Fulford, Queens Bench Division, made an ORDER that I was not allowed to bring to the attention of any Judge including  the Family Division of the High Court what had occurred at the hearing before Master Basil Yoxall.

Recently the private office of Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division and Court of Protection gave permission that I could have sight of the list of authorised Court of Protection Judges.

Master Basil Yoxall and Mr Justice Adrian Fulford do not appear on that list.

For reasons I cannot disclose, I am, and indeed now feel, more protected.  Interestingly it was two police detectives that told me to go public.

Best Wishes

Len Lawrence



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10 responses to “CHEMICAL POISONING and other cover-ups in the UK: Official Solicitor, Court of Protection, DWP

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  9. Anonymous

    Hi Len my name is Peter and I’m behind you all the way richard is a great man and unfortunately the goverment will kill people who try too disturbe there interests it’s happened before. They seem too isolate you then take action. the fact is they don’t want the truth too get out about toxic effects with the human mind and body and the reason for doing this. We are all human born and die but we want to make the best of it. For some it’s not enough they are sick in the head and will make humanity pay for there life style at no cost. Prostitution pimps drug dealers loan sharks and big companys who support these people there not bothered about you or me as long as there alright.but the likes of us do worry and care about the woman next door who’s old and can’t care for her self and we help them with no regard of payment or thanks. Who is human us or them who’s right us or them you don’t need no church or profit making group to tell you there’s right and wrong In life and as humans we all know this no matter how mutch they try to brain wash or tell us
    Differently keep fighting. Take care Len .

    Wish you well Peter

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