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High Court Writ against the Official Solicitor – when Good wins over Evil after all @UKHomeOffice

16-09-22-len-lawrenceWhen committed, determined and persevering victims of white collar crimes turn to starfighters, watch out:

  • Len holds here a High Court Write against Alistair Pitblado, the Official Solicitor in the Senior Court.
  • His actions against HHJ Simon Oliver are on Judges Behaving Badly.

As McKenzie Friends, we won a case against the Treasury Solicitor’s Office.

And Sandra Vlad who publishes Divorce and The City got Lord Dyson to resign from his office as Master of the Rolls, as he was abusing his Lord and his wife’s Lady title.

There are clearly far too many victims in a culture that institutionalises intimidation and compliance.

BUT Len shows us that is possible NOT to cow and bow, especially not to criminals in robes!

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#Whistleblowers and #Survivors of Persecutions Unite: point the Finger @MetPoliceUK

16 08 20 Ted HeathDear Authority Representatives

I would like to commend Len Lawrence for his remarkable journey to recover from ill health and persecutions suffered. I had the good fortune to interview him for a book chapter on Person-Environment interaction that will be very critical of Psychology and Psychiatry.

For more than 4 years I have been investigating (in an entirely private capacity) a chilling ‘Child Smuggling’ operation that exploited the systemic weaknesses of the UK Child Protection and Family Court system and has seemingly been carried out on behalf of what I call an Organised Ritualised Crime Abuse Network (ORCAN). A bunch of Psychiatrists and Psychologist acting as Court Appointed Experts covered up a brazen, blatant and brutal toddler rape seemingly perpetrated to ‘frame’ the mother of the child and gain control of her off-spring.

A Judicial Review submission was thwarted through unlawful action of Royal Court of Justice (RCJ) staff, falsely claiming that the document would have to be submitted at the court of the original Family Court ‘Forced Adoption’ ruling. Out of the voluminous submission I created an Extreme Abuse Dossier that draws on public domain materials to outline the background of the case (which is suspected to be a chilling crime series related to ‘Human Sacrifice Murders’ in South-West London):

Continue reading


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@MoJGovUK Court of Protection #Judges did not hold CoP Nomination when making Cost Orders, #Judgments and Adverse Inferences

From: Leonard Lawrence

To: The Judicial Office England and Wales

To: Debbie Burgess, Court Manager Reading County Court.

Ref: Leonard Lawrence SL03D00938.

  1. Thank you Ms Cholerton, I received a copy by post on  the 6 June 2016.
  2. Ms Burgess thank you for your, and your staff HMCTS, recent assistance in locating my case files. I have now located the salient copies.
  1. It has now been confirmed by the Judicial Offices and the Court of Protection that all judges at Slough and Reading County Court did not hold a Court of Protection  nomination when making adverse inferences, cost orders and judgments against me.
  1. I have recovered the court transcript for the hearing on the 4 August 2005  at Slough County Court. District Judge Fortgang was notified by Laurence Oates (Official Solicitor)  that I was a patient under Part V11 Mental Health Act 1983  and subject to the Court of Protection. Knowing that I was a patient subject to the Court of  Protection, District Judge Fortgang heard an application by Mr Ronald Edmonds and others to act as my guardian in the Court of Protection, the application  was refused.  District Judge Fortgang was not a nominated Court of Protection judge and was not authorised to conduct such an application. District Judge Fortgang placed a £10,000 cost ORDER on me after the application at the request of barrister  Dominic Brazil 1 Kings Bench Walk Chambers.
  1. The notes that your staff located on the 4 December 2015 contain the record of the hearing on the 18 August 2005 before His Honour Judge Charles Elly.  The notes are a record of Barrister Simon Calhaem advising HHJ Charles Elly that my home had been sold without Laurence Oates, Official Solicitor, agreeing the sale value of the property.

HHJ Charles Elly comments for the Official Solicitor to agree the sale value undermines jurisdiction. HHJ Elly said that he was not happy to leave the matter with barristers. The Final ORDER was never returned to HHJ Charles Elly, barrister Dominic Brazil 1 Kings Bench Walk had the Final ORDER sealed by District Judge Fortgang falsely alleging  that Laurence Oates had agreed the sale value.

Thank you

Leonard Lawrence.

Cc Nichola Gray  1 Hare Court Chambers  (Mrs Dominic Brazil)

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@HomeOfficeUK @MoJ The judges that asset stripped me were not authorized Court of Protection judges

16 04 18 MoJ Yoxall

Chief Constable Thames Valley Police

So the judges that asset stripped me were not authorized Court of Protection judges!

They also failed to disclose to the Court of Protection Medical Certificates that they held.

Many of the offences that occurred against me occurred in the Thames Valley Police Area.

Supt Gill Wootton  (Knew that my stolen financial records were with BP Collins Solicitors)

Det. Insp. Mark Stevens (Likewise, Det Insp Mark Stevens also knew of the confidential medical report)

Det. Insp. Gavin Tyrrell (Likewise, Det Insp Gavin Tyrrell he also knew of the confidential medical report)

On the 9 May 2016 another police force telephoned me asking what my next move was going to be? Continue reading

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Addressing the Abuse of Psychiatry in the UK Legal System at a Conference

Len’s slides are here: Abuse of Psychiatry in the UK Legal System. Their title reminds me of Norman Scarth and Maurice Kirk who were both incarcerated into mental hospitals. Here are other speakers at the “Children Screaming to be Heard” Conference in North London on 23 April 2016.



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UPDATE 29 OCT. ’15: “NOT TO BE DISCLOSED TO ANY JUDGE” – Must Listen!! LEONARD LAWRENCE, MELANIE SHAW,”BEECHWOOD HOME SURVIVOR” radio interview 17 + 10 Oct. ’15 with MIKE CLARKE, DIANNE – UPDATE 17 FEB. 2014 – “incompetence by the medical profession”, and more

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